What to Look for While Selecting a Sikh Wedding Card?

Sikh weddings are the perfect epitome of the lavish, beautiful and traditional culture of North India. This is the reason why it is only fitting to find the best Indian wedding invitations that will complement such a special occasion. Before you send out your marriage invitation card to your guests, you have to make sure that it exudes the same level of fervor you feel for your upcoming wedding. While it is easy to fall back into the use of traditional wedding cards, it has now become a norm for modern couples to choose contemporary wedding invitations that are in harmony with their wedding.
Whether you opt for a modern invitation or you still prefer a traditional one, there are several important things you have to look into before you finalize the printing of your Sikh wedding card.
Consider Designs, Motifs, and Logos
The traditional Sikh symbols are believed to bring a fortune to every wedding. Aside from that, these symbols further enhance the card’s beauty and appeal. You can select from the typical Sikh motifs like the Khalsa, Waheguru and Ik Onkar motifs which are surely going to lend an exclusive unique Sikh feel for your Anand Karaj.
If you prefer motifs that are more mutual which still exude a traditional essence, you can go for folk symbols such as images of Dulhan, Varghodas and the more modern images like flowers and hearts.
Pick the Right Color
Just like the rest of the best Indian wedding invitations, the Sikh cards boast of a vibrant display of colors like red and yellow, together with embellishments and contour lines in gold. In case you like subtle colors and you wish for a card that looks elegant and regal, you can choose designs in gold and off white with natural Sikh motifs.
Be Careful with the Words
It doesn’t matter if you opt for laser cut invitation cards or something traditional because among the most essential aspects of your card is how you word them. You would want to express how special this event is for you and at the same time, you want every guest to feel how much you welcome and appreciate the fact that they will be a part of your big day to shower their blessings on you.
The wordings can start on top with a couplet or phrase from Guru Granth Sahib. You can follow this up with lines or quotes from poems you like or those you feel best represent your emotions. It can be followed by the introduction of the groom and bride and their parents. The rest of the wordings can then include details of the wedding ceremony, venue, date address and RSVP section which all need to be written as clear as possible.
Check and Proofread
Finally, before you place a bulk order for the stationery and design you chose, see to it that you request for a sample to have an idea on how the final product will look and make the necessary corrections or last minute changes, if any.
Just like that, you are now ready to distribute your marriage invitation cards!

Your Wedding Card – Your Best Man In Your Wedding


Many soon to be married couples love to spend most of their time choosing the best wedding card to complement their special day. They spend hours after hours in browsing personal wedding cards which will best suit their preferences, character and personality.

The wedding card is very important as it contains all the important message and details of your big day. Wedding cards, whether you choose designer wedding cards or online Indian wedding cards, are always meant to be very elegant and special. You wouldn’t want your wedding card to be flimsy, terrible and cheap looking.

Your family members, relatives and guests should feel the excitement to attend your big event once they read the important letters contained in the card which share the sincerest messages you have. Choosing your wedding card is as equally important as choosing your wedding gown and shoes. Your guests will surely feel excited and delighted to be a part of the big day the moment they receive an awesome wedding card.oie_W2dqexujdsKs

There are plenty of ways to choose the best card for your wedding. But with all the available choices, you might feel excited and overwhelmed at the same time when looking for the most ideal card for you and your partner.

Since your wedding card is like your best man for your wedding, it is important to make sure that the design and style you choose will best describe who you really are. Your wedding card must serve as the mirror of your personality and character. It must share how you feel for this special occasion of your life to let your guests know and get an insight of your feelings and emotions.

Classic wedding card designs are made from quality and high grade paper. Bells, doves and flowers are the classic designs you can see in traditional wedding invites. If you prefer to stick to the classic designs, there are plenty of options for you to choose from both online and offline. You can discuss with your wedding planner about these details as they are the ones who know the best people you can contact to assist you with your wedding card selection.

There are plenty of wedding card providers that offer great deals and savings for bulk orders. If you feel like you will order a bulk of orders for your big day, you can try to negotiate for some discounts. When you have less than 100 wedding guests, you might also want to save money and time and for this, you can choose to make your own wedding card.

You will not only save more money when you create your own card for this will also make everything more heartfelt. However, if you like to spend more time on the rest of the more important aspects of your wedding preparation, your best bet is to find the best wedding cards provider as they will be more than happy to assist you with your needs.

Must follow Design tips for your Wedding Card


Who doesn’t love to hear a shower of compliments on their beautifully designed wedding invitation, right? After all, invitation card is like a first glimpse of an upcoming splendid wedding. However, behind all those happy faces and a successful marriage ceremony lies vigorous effort of the host. Choosing the right wedding card is hands down an exhausting task, especially if you are new to the world of colors, designs and styles. You sigh a breath of relief after those long hours of discussion and confusion, eventually finalizing the card design. This blog highlights the basic tips that will definitely simplify your task up to great extent.

When it comes to picking the right card design, everybody follows the standard protocol. First, you prepare a list of fine and famous wedding invitation card providers, followed by choosing the one which fits your set of criteria. What comes next is the tricky part. You will be bombarded with so many questions at a time – What color to choose? Is the design too plain or too flashy? Does the paper quality look cheap? What font would go with the overall design?

Let it sink in, take a deep breath, and read further to get insights on guidelines for designing your wedding invitation card.

  1. Choose a style and color that compliments your wedding theme


If you are planning for a theme in your wedding, give it a strong focus in your invitation card. Let’s say, you have a floral theme in a ceremony. Design with a tinge of flowers on your envelope, or maybe even on the main invite. Take care the color and overall style of the card is not too flashy else it would ruin the look.

  1. Give a traditional touch


In the era of make-ups and break-ups, marriage still holds dear value to people. It is a tradition that is being practiced for centuries and is an inseparable part of our culture. Add that element to your wedding invitation as well. Choose a classic, timeless style with delicate fonts and border; it wouldn’t offend old members of the family.

  1. Go for timeless fonts


Imagine, one fine day (decades later) you and your partner come across your wedding invite; glance at the writing and think – What were we thinking? To save the embarrassment later, choose a novelty font at the present moment. Going for a funky font might be tempting, but trust me, stepping away from it is the right thing to do.

  1. Choose right dimension


Before diving into the design, decide the size of your wedding invitation card. It should be neither oversized nor diminished. There are two generic orientations for any card design– portrait and landscape. However, there is no particular yardstick to decide which looks best. Choose the one that reflects your design neatly and avoids the need of cramming up the invitation message.

There is nothing more important than a beautifully crafted invitation. A well designed wedding invitation card not only honors the importance and sanctity of the event but also holds the sentimental value intact. Myshadicards, an online wedding card provider can help you with choosing your ultimate wedding invitation. It is the one stop solution for everything you want. Here you will get all the choice you have always aspired for, right from luxury wedding card to designer wedding card, scroll wedding card to the all new laser cut wedding invitation. It’s your wedding, give yourself and everyone a reason to cherish it for years to come.

How to choose your wedding card provider?


The wedding card is the first glimpse of your wedding that the guests get to perceive. So choosing the perfect card is very significant for the couple who are about to get married. Amidst so many activities and the schedules, the couples tend to get confused in making the proper choice while selecting the card. In such moments the marriage invitation card providers can come to one’s rescue. These wedding card provider work in the form of teams they not only guide you through the designs but also how to personalize it.


Factors that determine choosing of marriage invitation card providers

Certain factors need to be determined that can assist one is selecting the ideal marriage card providers. Since the wedding card is a crucial part of the whole ceremony the provider who shall be guiding through should be well prepared and provide the maximum options when it comes to selecting from the catalog.

  • Providing the perfect sync of style and theme: The perfect blend of aesthetic taste and designs is what one looks for when searching for the unique designs and patterns. The providers should be such who keep updating their catalogs.

  • Even if it is traditional wedding cards or marriage cards online, the designs should be a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary designs. The perfect sync in traditional wedding cards is much desired. It is very important that wedding cards follow the theme. They should avoid any exaggeration that is unwanted.

  • On time delivery: The marriage invitation card providers should be efficient so that they can arrange for the on time delivery of the invitation cards. The wedding is an occasion that needs to be done within a period. The invitation card is the first glimpse for the guests so it is evident that the providers have to deliver the cards within the specific time so that the invitations can be sent to the guests on time and they can make schedule according to it.

  • Maintaining a budget: The wedding occasion needs to be arranged within a stable budget. The marriage invitation card providers have to arrange for the designs and patterns based on the budget. They can also provide for marriage cards online or royal wedding card designs. This online system can be less taxing regarding budget.

  • Catering to your choices: The royal wedding card designs, traditional designs, circular card designs, heart shaped invitations and much more are some of the choices that can be made unique by more design patterns and styles. The choices could be made based on the budget and the taste of the customers. So the providers should be catering to the aesthetic taste and choices of the individuals before letting them decide.

  • Organized work pattern: The providers who work in an organized manner are much appreciated and desired. Since there is already a lot of chaos in the ceremony to avoid all the hassle the provider needs to follow a planner and schedule that makes all the work very easy and convenient.

How to start the process of Wedding Invitations?


Plenty designs and types are available in the market when it comes to online Indian wedding cards. But to choose the proper one is a whole other level of the game. Wedding progression starts with wedding invitation process. And an invitation card has great value as it’s not only about saying your guest that you are tying the knot, it’s also the first impression your guests get about your wedding. So take the time to design the card in the most aesthetic way possible. There are plenty of excellent ideas on the internet to help with planning the appropriate invitation card.


You right now might be in the position where you are about to go insane thinking about how to design classy and whimsical Contemporary wedding invitations for your wedding. Wedding card making process can be complicated, so it’s always a better idea to choose some professional card maker to do the job for you. These experts create customized and satisfactory result.

Online Indian wedding cards can be easily ordered from online vendors. It can be customized and tailored as per your wish.

So, are you just getting started with the wedding invitation process? Then this post is for you.

How to choose the proper card for your wedding?

The invitation card is the first sneak-peek of your wedding. Along with all the necessary stuff, like the names, the address and route direction of the location, time of the ceremony, the invitation card carries your aesthetic sense with it. It’s not just a formality it’s much more than that. It needs to be classic, elegant and should carry the sincerity of your invitation . Here in this post you will get some ideas about how to choose or design the perfect card for your online Indian wedding cards.

Things to remember while creating online Indian wedding cards

  • Choose the right color. Here, no color is right no color is wrong, the color that you like most or you can relate to the most will be the best color for your wedding card making process. Incorporate contrast color for writing.
  • Ivory, cream, light fuchsia pink color, teal or peach anything can be the theme color for your wedding, for writing golden is the best anyone can use. But it doesn’t mean you can’t use any other color for the writing. Go out of the box, do some experiments, after all, it’s your wedding.
  • Don’t restrict yourself from trailing in the matter of size. The rectangular format is the traditional form of contemporary wedding invitations. But you play with shape, making your invitation card square with scalloping at the side with bringing a playful yet classy edge to your invitation style. But remember not to make it too heavy as it can increase the postal cost.
  • Choose every word wisely. Always remember conventional information, spelling and writing style and fonts should always be designs and placed in the way so that it becomes quickly and clearly readable.

While doing experiment with the color, always remember this part. Choose contrast color for the words so that the words pop out on the background of the invitation card.

How To Choose The Font For Wedding Invitations?


When it comes to wedding invitation fonts, there are countless options you can choose from. But, what’s the right font for your wedding invitation?

Well, although you can choose any font for a marriage invitation, there are several things you should take for consideration. Like for example, for formal invitations, you must choose elegant script fonts. Even if these mimic cursive handwriting, such fonts are more refined compared to the actual handwriting of many people today. You may also try formal Blackletter font. Several traditional options for wedding invitation fonts include:
Calligraphy fonts including Bispo are much easier to read and elegant compared to several scripts and pure Blackletter fonts. Such traditional certificate fonts are also used in wedding invitations. Carolingian fonts might be ideal for formal Irish wedding.
Spencerian Scripts including Edwardian Script, Palace Script or Exmouth are very traditional and elegant.

For wedding invitations that are less formal, you might like to consider handwriting fonts or casual script or decorative fonts suited for your theme. You may consider a less, yet neat formal script including Noodle Script or something a bit quirky like Caffe Latte. For a personalized invite, you may scan your very own handwriting. Your wedding font may also be based on your interests, location or personality. Western fonts might work for country wedding settings. Typewriter fonts, on contrary, can be ideal for couples that write and read together.

There are also decorative fonts that are lovely in a small dose, yet for important details including location, time, and date, you should ensure that everybody can read your text much easily. You may consider pairing lovely scripts for the names of the groom and bride with a cool sans serif font. Generally, it’s best to get rid of combining 2 script fonts or distinctive decorative fonts. They also tend to overpower one another.
In many cases, whether or not you pick a centered text alignment, script, and some decorative fonts utilized in majority of wedding invitations tends to be simpler to read when the lines of the text are short. It’s also a good idea to utilize such fonts at a slightly bigger point size than you’d find in many books.

Other Helpful Tips You Can Consider

1. When searching for the best font for wedding invitations, it is helpful to pick your favorite fonts from a list. Then, narrow it down through look at your name’s capital letters. There are times that you think you like the font and once you try your name in it, you might end up hating it in the end.

2. Always remember to use fonts that will reflect your wedding’s tone. If your wedding is formal, choose formal fonts. If you want a casual look, select a font that looks like handwriting.

3. If you have decided to go with more than one font for your wedding invitation, don’t choose fonts that have lots of personality as these could ruin your contemporary wedding invitation styles. Stick with the simple ones.

Some of the Common Wedding Invitation Wording Mistakes



Wedding invitations are the little packages bursting with big information. They tell each one of your guests about the wedding date, reception, venue, and so much more. Sometimes, contemporary wedding invitations will also tell your guests what to dress for the occasion.

While the words for wedding invites also considers the formality and style of your wedding, the traditional rules of etiquette are honored by the couples and top wedding planners today.

There are other things you should consider when planning a wedding. To help you avoid some mistakes and simplify the process, here are some of common wedding invitation wording mistakes you should avoid:

Mistake #1: Never Proofread

One of the most common wedding invitation wording mistakes that you must always avoid is to not proofread. There will always be misspelled words or typos. Usually, while many people misspell the names of the guests and the places, it is also common to see some typos on simple words. Therefore, never send out some invitation cards if you haven’t proofread them.

Mistake #2: Neglect the Importance of Information Cards

Wedding invitations must not be crammed with a lot of information. Contemporary wedding invitations that are loaded may be seen as an eye sore and could also be illegible to the guests. But rather, use additional pieces in wedding invitation suites to convey extra details regarding your wedding day. Aside from the primary invitation, typical wedding invitation suites may include an RSVP card, reception card, directions card, and a card for accommodations with places to stay for the guests who are from out of town.

Mistake #3: Forgetting about the Etiquette of the Culture

Your culture might have etiquette’s traditional rules that vary from the country you are getting married in. According to a professional wedding planner, if you are planning a religious or traditional wedding, it could be more appropriate to follow the etiquette’s rules in accordance to your culture.

For instance, American couples typically write the name of the bride first on wedding invitations while the couples from Middle East write the name of the groom first. If you are a Middle Eastern couple and plan to get married in America, you should consider the rules of etiquette from your country.

Addressing Your Wedding Invitations

With the marriage invitation card wordings are ready to go, the next thing you will deal with is addressing the envelopes. This part requires knowledge of wedding etiquette. The wording on your envelope is also influenced by the formality and style of your wedding day.

Mistakes with marriage invitation card wordings may be common, yet there are ways on how you can avoid these. So, always follow the right wedding invitation wording etiquette and ask for professional assistance if you’re not sure about your wordings. With this, expect that you will be able to deliver your message to all of your guests in a respectful manner. Just keep those wedding invitation wording mistakes in mind for you to avoid them and do the right thing.

Myshadicards, an online wedding card provider can help you with choosing your ultimate wedding invitation. You should always remember that there is nothing more important than a beautifully crafted invitation. A well designed invitation card not only honour the importance and sanctity of the event but also holds the sentimental value intact. If you want all your needs pertaining to wedding invitation fulfilled than Myshadicards.com is the one stop solution for everything you want. Here you will get all the choice you always aspire for, right from luxury wedding card to designer wedding card, scroll wedding card to the all new laser cut wedding invitation. It’s your wedding, give yourself and everyone every reason to cherish it for years to come.