How to start the process of Wedding Invitations?


Plenty designs and types are available in the market when it comes to online Indian wedding cards. But to choose the proper one is a whole other level of the game. Wedding progression starts with wedding invitation process. And an invitation card has great value as it’s not only about saying your guest that you are tying the knot, it’s also the first impression your guests get about your wedding. So take the time to design the card in the most aesthetic way possible. There are plenty of excellent ideas on the internet to help with planning the appropriate invitation card.


You right now might be in the position where you are about to go insane thinking about how to design classy and whimsical Contemporary wedding invitations for your wedding. Wedding card making process can be complicated, so it’s always a better idea to choose some professional card maker to do the job for you. These experts create customized and satisfactory result.

Online Indian wedding cards can be easily ordered from online vendors. It can be customized and tailored as per your wish.

So, are you just getting started with the wedding invitation process? Then this post is for you.

How to choose the proper card for your wedding?

The invitation card is the first sneak-peek of your wedding. Along with all the necessary stuff, like the names, the address and route direction of the location, time of the ceremony, the invitation card carries your aesthetic sense with it. It’s not just a formality it’s much more than that. It needs to be classic, elegant and should carry the sincerity of your invitation . Here in this post you will get some ideas about how to choose or design the perfect card for your online Indian wedding cards.

Things to remember while creating online Indian wedding cards

  • Choose the right color. Here, no color is right no color is wrong, the color that you like most or you can relate to the most will be the best color for your wedding card making process. Incorporate contrast color for writing.
  • Ivory, cream, light fuchsia pink color, teal or peach anything can be the theme color for your wedding, for writing golden is the best anyone can use. But it doesn’t mean you can’t use any other color for the writing. Go out of the box, do some experiments, after all, it’s your wedding.
  • Don’t restrict yourself from trailing in the matter of size. The rectangular format is the traditional form of contemporary wedding invitations. But you play with shape, making your invitation card square with scalloping at the side with bringing a playful yet classy edge to your invitation style. But remember not to make it too heavy as it can increase the postal cost.
  • Choose every word wisely. Always remember conventional information, spelling and writing style and fonts should always be designs and placed in the way so that it becomes quickly and clearly readable.

While doing experiment with the color, always remember this part. Choose contrast color for the words so that the words pop out on the background of the invitation card.

How To Choose The Font For Wedding Invitations?


When it comes to wedding invitation fonts, there are countless options you can choose from. But, what’s the right font for your wedding invitation?

Well, although you can choose any font for a marriage invitation, there are several things you should take for consideration. Like for example, for formal invitations, you must choose elegant script fonts. Even if these mimic cursive handwriting, such fonts are more refined compared to the actual handwriting of many people today. You may also try formal Blackletter font. Several traditional options for wedding invitation fonts include:
Calligraphy fonts including Bispo are much easier to read and elegant compared to several scripts and pure Blackletter fonts. Such traditional certificate fonts are also used in wedding invitations. Carolingian fonts might be ideal for formal Irish wedding.
Spencerian Scripts including Edwardian Script, Palace Script or Exmouth are very traditional and elegant.

For wedding invitations that are less formal, you might like to consider handwriting fonts or casual script or decorative fonts suited for your theme. You may consider a less, yet neat formal script including Noodle Script or something a bit quirky like Caffe Latte. For a personalized invite, you may scan your very own handwriting. Your wedding font may also be based on your interests, location or personality. Western fonts might work for country wedding settings. Typewriter fonts, on contrary, can be ideal for couples that write and read together.

There are also decorative fonts that are lovely in a small dose, yet for important details including location, time, and date, you should ensure that everybody can read your text much easily. You may consider pairing lovely scripts for the names of the groom and bride with a cool sans serif font. Generally, it’s best to get rid of combining 2 script fonts or distinctive decorative fonts. They also tend to overpower one another.
In many cases, whether or not you pick a centered text alignment, script, and some decorative fonts utilized in majority of wedding invitations tends to be simpler to read when the lines of the text are short. It’s also a good idea to utilize such fonts at a slightly bigger point size than you’d find in many books.

Other Helpful Tips You Can Consider

1. When searching for the best font for wedding invitations, it is helpful to pick your favorite fonts from a list. Then, narrow it down through look at your name’s capital letters. There are times that you think you like the font and once you try your name in it, you might end up hating it in the end.

2. Always remember to use fonts that will reflect your wedding’s tone. If your wedding is formal, choose formal fonts. If you want a casual look, select a font that looks like handwriting.

3. If you have decided to go with more than one font for your wedding invitation, don’t choose fonts that have lots of personality as these could ruin your contemporary wedding invitation styles. Stick with the simple ones.

Some of the Common Wedding Invitation Wording Mistakes



Wedding invitations are the little packages bursting with big information. They tell each one of your guests about the wedding date, reception, venue, and so much more. Sometimes, contemporary wedding invitations will also tell your guests what to dress for the occasion.

While the words for wedding invites also considers the formality and style of your wedding, the traditional rules of etiquette are honored by the couples and top wedding planners today.

There are other things you should consider when planning a wedding. To help you avoid some mistakes and simplify the process, here are some of common wedding invitation wording mistakes you should avoid:

Mistake #1: Never Proofread

One of the most common wedding invitation wording mistakes that you must always avoid is to not proofread. There will always be misspelled words or typos. Usually, while many people misspell the names of the guests and the places, it is also common to see some typos on simple words. Therefore, never send out some invitation cards if you haven’t proofread them.

Mistake #2: Neglect the Importance of Information Cards

Wedding invitations must not be crammed with a lot of information. Contemporary wedding invitations that are loaded may be seen as an eye sore and could also be illegible to the guests. But rather, use additional pieces in wedding invitation suites to convey extra details regarding your wedding day. Aside from the primary invitation, typical wedding invitation suites may include an RSVP card, reception card, directions card, and a card for accommodations with places to stay for the guests who are from out of town.

Mistake #3: Forgetting about the Etiquette of the Culture

Your culture might have etiquette’s traditional rules that vary from the country you are getting married in. According to a professional wedding planner, if you are planning a religious or traditional wedding, it could be more appropriate to follow the etiquette’s rules in accordance to your culture.

For instance, American couples typically write the name of the bride first on wedding invitations while the couples from Middle East write the name of the groom first. If you are a Middle Eastern couple and plan to get married in America, you should consider the rules of etiquette from your country.

Addressing Your Wedding Invitations

With the marriage invitation card wordings are ready to go, the next thing you will deal with is addressing the envelopes. This part requires knowledge of wedding etiquette. The wording on your envelope is also influenced by the formality and style of your wedding day.

Mistakes with marriage invitation card wordings may be common, yet there are ways on how you can avoid these. So, always follow the right wedding invitation wording etiquette and ask for professional assistance if you’re not sure about your wordings. With this, expect that you will be able to deliver your message to all of your guests in a respectful manner. Just keep those wedding invitation wording mistakes in mind for you to avoid them and do the right thing.

Myshadicards, an online wedding card provider can help you with choosing your ultimate wedding invitation. You should always remember that there is nothing more important than a beautifully crafted invitation. A well designed invitation card not only honour the importance and sanctity of the event but also holds the sentimental value intact. If you want all your needs pertaining to wedding invitation fulfilled than is the one stop solution for everything you want. Here you will get all the choice you always aspire for, right from luxury wedding card to designer wedding card, scroll wedding card to the all new laser cut wedding invitation. It’s your wedding, give yourself and everyone every reason to cherish it for years to come.

Why to Choose the Right Shape for Your Wedding Invitation?


Wedding invitation can do great wonders when it comes to setting the tone of your wedding. This is the reason why you have to be careful when looking for “the one.” There are now plenty of choices when it comes to personal wedding cards designs. But, did you know that wedding invitation shapes also play a very crucial role in making sure that your wedding invitation will stand out from the rest?


When it comes to marriage card design, the shape of your wedding invitation is something that you can ever take for granted. In fact, this is something that you should give some serious pondering. Even the best Shaadi cards and royal wedding card designs will be deemed useless if you don’t go for the right shape of wedding invitation.

Rectangular Wedding Invitation

One of the most classic and no doubt most famous wedding invitation shapes is vertical and rectangular shape. The common size for this shape is around is 5-1/2″ x 7-3/4″. This size can give sufficient space for your wording. With this shape, you will notice the adequate space allotted for the name of the bride and groom for it to be bigger than the rest of the type and to set this apart from the rest of the wording on the card.

The rectangular wedding invitation shapes can be used I horizontal format as well. It is a great option if your wording doesn’t contain plenty of lines but it could be that every line itself is a bit long.

Square Wedding Invitation

The square wedding invitation shapes are known for their commanding presence. The usual size for this particular marriage card design is 7″ x 7″. When you use the square shape for your personal wedding cards design, you will have enough room for your wording to make a good impression. This is a great shape to show off two styles of font. However, you have to take note that whatever your chosen size is, an envelope of square shape will need extra postage.

Heart Shape Wedding Invitation

With wedding being a celebration of love between a man and a woman, it only makes sense that heart shaped wedding invitations are also a favorite. This personal wedding cards design is a true hit for many couples as it suits the wedding ceremony just perfectly in every sense of the way.

Round Wedding Invitation

If you don’t like to go for the conventional shapes of square and rectangle, the round wedding invitations are just the right one for you. A very great thing about this round shaped marriage card design is that this can also symbolize an endless and infinite relationship, thanks to its circular shape which can be associated to something that continues and never ends.

Needless to say, the shape of your wedding invitation is something that you must never overlook. It sets the whole ceremony and makes it feel as special as it is as you want it to be. Myshadicards, an online wedding card provider can help you with choosing your ultimate wedding invitation. You should always remember that there is nothing more important than a beautifully crafted invitation. A well designed invitation card not only honour the importance and sanctity of the event but also holds the sentimental value intact.

How to Avoid The Top 5 Wedding Invitation Mistakes?


Wedding invites, being one of the most important elements of your wedding, has to be perfect without any flaw. Since we get so engrossed in the wedding planning and implementation that we commit several mistakes which could have been avoided. Whether you are buying wedding invitation cards from a local shop or an online supplier, you should not fall in these traps. These are some of the most common mistakes which will ruin the whole efforts of making your wedding a grand success.


1. Not allocating the required budget

There is no limit to the extent which you can go while selecting your wedding invite. Usually the couples fail to judge the amount of money which will be spent on wedding stationery. Keeping 3-5% of your wedding budget will be a safe bet while allocating budget for your wedding invitation card. After considering various wedding invite provider and comparing the price offered by them, you should allocate a certain amount of money towards wedding invite budget.

2. Not considering enough time

Giving less emphasis to your wedding invite and stationery will lead you nowhere. It’s good to consider your dress, venue, etc but you must remember that your guests will get the first impression about your wedding after seeing your wedding card. The wedding cards should reach all the guests before 3-4 months from the big day. Starting early will give you enough time to make your choice after considering various options from card vendors.

3. Not ordering right number of invitations

While ordering for invitation cards, you should neither order more not less as it may lead to embarrassment at the end. It is advised to order at least 20-30 cards more than your guests as there will be guests who have been forgotten in the beginning. While said so, you should also make sure that you do not order too many as it will be waste of money. Order the right number of wedding invites to avoid stress and anxiety at the end of the process.

4. Not going for proofreading

Though not proper emphasis is given to this, proofreading is a must before you order the whole lot for printing. Do not resume that the wedding card supplier will do the proofreading himself. It is your responsibility to check that there is no typo errors in your wedding card. Nothing irks your guests more than the misspelled words and grammatical errors on your wedding invite. Ensure that everything is perfect and there is no error which can bring down your invite’s impact.

5. Not considering expenses on postage, additional stationery etc.

While keeping a note about the major expenses, you might miss out on the small but important expenses. These expenses though small will have an impact on your wedding invitation’s budget. Postage charges, stamps, etc should be considered as these will amount to a considerable amount. Besides postage charges, there will be other cards also which will be sent, thus, surging your budget. Make a proper evaluation and ascertain your wedding invite budget accordingly.

Myshadicards, an online wedding card provider can help you with choosing your ultimate wedding invitation. You should always remember that there is nothing more important than a beautifully crafted invitation. A well designed invitation card not only honour the importance and sanctity of the event but also holds the sentimental value intact. If you want all your needs pertaining to wedding invitation fulfilled than Myshadicards is the one stop solution for everything you want. Here you will get all the choice you always aspire for, right from luxury wedding card to designer wedding card, scroll wedding card to the all new laser cut wedding invitation. It’s your wedding, give yourself and everyone every reason to cherish it for years to come.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Online Wedding Invitations


Wedding invitation, being the first thing that your guests will notice, has to be selected wisely. Better your wedding invite will be, better will be your display of emotions towards your guests. With the couples willing to spend anything, the number of options available have increased a lot. Online wedding invitation card suppliers have further added a lot of style and design to the market. The kind of variety they offer at such competitive prices has made them a big hit among customers. Some of the most important reasons why you should choose wedding invitation card from an online vendor are given below.


1) There is no compromise with your comfort as you can select your invitation card from your home. There are hundreds and millions of styles and designs available from different online wedding card providers. You can select the one which suits your wedding theme (if any) and personality after discussing as many as you want.

2) You will not feel intimidated by any salesman when you are buying your wedding cards online. There is no pressure of nodding or being diplomatic as it happens in brick and mortar shops. You will not be surrounded by people giving various absurd reasons for the high cost of wedding invite. While shopping online, you can easily switch to the one which best suits your style and budget.

3) It is practically not feasible to include everyone during the selection of the wedding card when you are buying it from a shop but you can do so in case of online shops. Both the family can sit together and decide on the design including the couple. The bride and groom can choose the theme and the wedding invite accordingly so that it exactly matches their taste.

4) While visiting a wedding invitation shop, the first thing you have in your mind is the time you have for shopping. Since there are a lot of work that needs to be done in a wedding, there is always a scarcity of time. With online selection of your wedding invitation card, you can select a time according to your schedule and go through different designs patiently.

5) The online wedding invite suppliers are experienced and know the in and out of their work. There is no chance of any typo errors if you are ordering it from them. Even if you are impeccable with your english and grammar, you might commit a mistake which will demean the impact. Even the most elegant design and expressions can be overshadowed by spelling errors.

Myshadicards, the most flexible and reliable wedding invitation card supplier is always there to help you out. With its expertise in catering various services related to wedding, you can count upon it for anything related to marriage. It has a wide variety of designs, materials and accessories for your perfect wedding. You can rely on it for its expert opinion on choosing your wordings, fonts and color for your wedding card. The kind of service it provides before and after your wedding card selection is amazing and it is the one thing which sets it apart from others present in the market. You will get one-of-its-kind product and service for all your wedding requirements.

How to choose your perfect wedding invitation card?


Selecting a wedding card from the millions of available choices, testing the sample, ordering them and finally sending them to your guests is a tedious task. However, this task appears so much soothing if you have found your perfect wedding invitation. Every individual wants his/her wedding card to be the most stylish and elegant in every aspect.

How to Choose Perfect Wedding Card.jpg

Since the wedding card plays such an important role in your wedding, its selection should be made after due consideration. Some of the major factors that should be taken into account before finalizing your wedding invite are given below.

1. Selecting the Right Time: The first thing that you should do while selecting your wedding card is to start at the right time. You will get a lot of time for scanning the various designs and compare the prices if you will begin early. The sooner you will start with the wedding card selection process better will be your chances of striking the best deal.

2. Selecting the Right Online Stores: The next step will be to search for online stores dealing in wedding cards. There are many online stores available who can deliver you the most stylish collection of wedding invitations at an affordable price. Select the online store which gives you the design of your dream at a price which suits your budget.

3. Selecting the Right Styling: It will take good amount of time to select the design of your wedding invitation as there are hundreds of them present in the market. If you find two cards having different attractive elements, you can combine them both to design a customized wedding invite. You can pick any style which suits your theme and taste.

4. Selecting the Right Price: You should not be carried away by the exuberant elements of styling as they may shoot up the price of your wedding card. You should chalk out a budget for your wedding card and stick to it. You can compare the prices offered by the various wedding card providers before closing down on one.

5. Selecting the Right Aesthetics: The last but not the least is the selection of proper aesthetics. It is very important to select the right design, style, color, paper quality, wording, font styles etc which will enhance the look of the wedding invitation. The color of the card can be selected according to the theme and the wordings can be finalized according to the tradition.

After considering all these points, you should also consider the readability factor. There is no point making your wedding invitation so complex that your guests will find it too complicated to read. is the one which can offer you wide collection of wedding card designs and materials. You will get the latest and improved technology for printing and designing your wedding card. From luxury to designer wedding cards and from laser cut to scroll wedding cards, they have it all. Visit them to get the maximum designs at the minimum price. It’s your wedding, add more color to it by going for the best wedding invitation.