Simple Dos And Don’ts For Selecting The Best Sangeet Cards


Sangeet is one of the most important ceremony in an Indian wedding. And just like the main wedding itself, you also need to come up with special Sangeet cards for this event. Unfortunately, with all the available wedding invitation shapes, sizes, and colors right now, it could be overwhelming to choose the right one for you.

It is never a wise thing to just select the first option that comes across your way. This is because the pre marriage card design that you will pick is going to serve as a reflection of the event that your guests will be attending. You can think of your personal wedding cards design as the very first impression that people will get when it comes to your Sangeet. Thus, it only makes sense to have the most impressive Sangeet cards.

However, many, if not all, couples are not really sure about the type or style of royal wedding card designs that will suit their Sangeet best. This is probably the reason why many of them end up choosing something which doesn’t really live up to their expectations and requirements.

To save yourself from this kind of dire situation, below are some of the most important dos and don’ts you should remember to ensure that you will have a good and easy experience in choosing your Sangeet and Shaadi cards.


  • Opt for wedding cards based on a particular theme. You have to realize that every event has a different and unique theme. To make things looking perfect, make sure that your Sangeet cards will go with your chosen theme.
  • Print a few extra cards. There are instances when it could be of great help, if not practical, to print some extra cards. These extra cards come in handy, especially if you have plans to expand the list of your guests, and invite more relatives, friends, and colleagues that you might remember at the last moment.
  • Ask the help of professionals. If you are not confident about the style, wordings, or the theme of your card, you can always seek the help of professionals who can guide you regarding the best choices available, such as, heart shaped wedding invitations or round wedding cards. These experts can help you ensure that you will get the best cards for your event.


  • Don’t bombard your cards with lots of details. Using too much patterns, symbols, and designs can affect your card’s aura, which can make it look clumsy or not that good. Try to achieve a perfect balance wherein the Sangeet cards’ dignity is maintained with optimal creativity and design.
  • Don’t print the guests’ names. Similar to wedding invites, you have to write the names of your guests by yourself on the envelope of Sangeet cards. Avoid going for printed address labels and choose to write things yourself, even if you have hundreds of guests.

Keep these dos and don’ts in mind to ensure that you will have the best Sangeet cards.

What Is The Necessity Of The RSVP Cards In The Light Of Modern Trend?


Back in the days, people used to think that the number of guests attending the wedding ceremony is in accordance to the number of wedding cards sent by the family of the groom and bride. However, the truth behind it is that the total number of guests are often lesser than expected as everybody might not make it to the wedding because of lack of enough interest or lack of time.

However, tons of money and food is wasted when several guests turn up than the expected numbers. Therefore, the custom of sending a response card was introduced to reduce the wastage and know the actual number of the guests attending the event. For those who don’t know, RSVP actually comes from French phrase that means “please response” in English. Because of the popular trend of sending wedding cards digitally, many people have considered RSVP cards to be sent compulsory with the main wedding invitation card.

The Common Wedding Etiquette That Are Related to RSVP Cards

Sending RSVP cards is becoming a popular custom and a new practice in India as well. Unfortunately, some people still don’t have any idea about it and ignore this card often once they get one along with any wedding invitation.

  • The ceremony’s host must be informed of how many individuals are coming from the family so that proper arrangement can be done for accommodating them, primarily in case of distant guests.
  • The invited individuals must reply at the soonest time possible after getting the RSVP and invitation card, keeping in mind the occasion’s data so the host might have enough time in doing necessary arrangements for their guests.
  • If anybody accepts invitations through replying RSVP cards or through not replying to cards that are regret only, she or he must try keeping their promise to attend the celebration no matter what unless met with any unavoidable circumstances.
  • If anybody decides that he or she won’t be attending the ceremony, the sender of the RSVP cards must be informed immediately.
  • The reply of the RSVP cards may also be provided through an email or a telephone call to save the needed time for postal return of reply.
  • It’s considered rude to not reply in RSVP cards as sender might be waiting for your response. Nevertheless, in several cards, it’s mentioned that RSVP, regrets only. This just means that the receiver doesn’t have to reply if she or he is ready to accept the invitation and come to the ceremony.

RSVP cards are now the common options of those people who want to invite only some individuals into their event. If you are planning to get some RSVP cards for a particular occasion in the future, make sure to contact the best in the field for you to get well-designed ones and for you to ensure that the job will be done right. However, before you choose one, shop around first.

Things to consider while choosing a Hindu Wedding Card


Hindu Wedding or Hindu Wedding Ceremony or VivaahSamskar is different from others as it aims to combine two individuals for life. Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha are the essential elements that individuals must achieve together as husband and wife. Hindu Wedding is one of the most important rites of passage that every individual observes in his or her life. With the great distinction of Hindu Wedding, crafting the best wedding card is crucial. Here are essential things to consider when choosing a Hindu Wedding Card.


  • Hindu Wedding Card Wordings

It is important to take note of the invitation wordings as you want to send a clear message to your family, relatives and friends. Apart from being keen to the details of the wedding such as venue, time, attire, etc., wordings in a Hindu Wedding Card are difficult as religious verses from scriptures must support the touch of Hindu tradition. The wedding card will also entail specific details that are in a matter of Hindi.

  • Two Wedding Cards

Families of bride and groom would tend to send out two different wedding cards. One for the groom side of the family and another for bride side of the family. The reason for having two wedding cards is that the invitation serves as a guide to both families. Hindu weddings would have different locations, time, and details of the ceremonies. A Hindu Wedding can take several days of events. Some would have three to five days of events that forms part of the wedding. The Hindu Wedding Cards are crucial as some guests may only need to come for specific dates. Most couples would invite family members to specific ceremonies such as henna party or puja (prayer).

  • Tone of the Wedding Card

Hindu Wedding Cards are usually traditional. The invitations should reflect the personalities of the bride and groom without sacrificing essential elements of tradition. Choose the design that matches the custom and culture. Features to consider when selecting or crafting the designs of the wedding cards: Symbols (Baraat soli, Om, Kalash, Lord Ganesha, Palki, betel departs), Mantra or Shloka, color options, ribbon cloth, paper, and unique designs.

  • Color for the Wedding Card

As mentioned earlier, choosing the right color is essential as it should not affect Hindu tradition. Most of the wedding cards come in 2 metallic colors. The colors should match the general tone and theme that you want to set for your wedding.

  • Designs and Motifs

A number of symbols and designs should be perfect for your wedding cards. Symbols apart from the list above are Sangeet, Kalash, and traditional wedding ceremony symbols.

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Wedding Cards – A Tradition Since Times Immemorial

Wedding invitations or also know as wedding cards are an essential part of weddings. The tradition of sending out wedding cards to invitees has been part of many lives since time immemorial.
Nowadays, there is a variety of marriage card design you can find in the market. Due to today’s advanced technology, making wedding cards nowadays is much easier. In fact, there are numerous websites that offer different types of wedding invitation shapes, round wedding cards, heart shaped invitations, and evenroyal wedding card designs. For this reason, you will never be left disappointed with the wide range of choices online and offline.
Every wedding card design you prefer is now made available online and you can avail some of them in just a few clicks. Whether you are searching for simple wedding cards or elegantly designed ones, you will find some, regardless of your unique requirements.
The pre-made wedding cards online are available in different designs, themes, and colors while keeping in mind your religion, creed, and culture. If you want something special, you can make customized wedding cards. A great thing about wedding cards that are made by professionals is that these are crafted with care and in accordance to the local traditions and customs. If you are living in a place known for its diversity, you will need wedding cards that will match on the custom and taste of your guests.
Professionals who designed wedding cards are aware of how significant tradition and culture is for many people. That is the reason why they are always updated with the latest trends incrafting wedding cards and know the right designs suited for a particular wedding theme. So, expect only nothing but the best if you consider professionally designed wedding cards.
You can add a personal touch on your wedding cards if you want to. Several professionals are open for suggestions and would even assist you when choosing the right design that will perfectly match on your needs. As a matter of fact, you may consider placing some details that would make your wedding cards set apart from others.
When searching for designers or professionals who will take care of your wedding cards, make sure to choose the ones that are known for their expertise and years of experience in the world ofcrafting wedding cards. They can also deliver your wedding cards on time.
The prices of the wedding cards may vary as it depends on the design, theme, style or some elements combined to make one. However, if you have chosen a simple one, expect to pay an affordable rate. The number of the wedding cards you order may also affect the cost, especially if you want them to be delivered as soon as possible. But, most vendors offer discounts once you buy in bulk. If necessary, create wedding cards ahead of time and don’t rush your hired designer if you don’t want to end up paying a big amount of money.

How to Select the Best Muslim Wedding Card?

You have finally set your wedding date and the venue has been chosen. The next step is to choose a marriage card design. You can now find a plethora ofwedding invitation shapes, styles and colors to choose from. It is all up to you to pick the one that best complements your special occasion.
Weddings are undoubtedly among most momentous events in every race and religion. It is a once in a lifetime occasion where the bride and groom embark on a new journey in their lives. It is the reason why it is imperative that you let your friends and guests take part in your happiness and joy.
The wedding cards play a crucial role in every wedding and the cards for every religion serve as a reflection of their tradition. When looking for the best Muslim wedding card, it is advisable to pay attention to the religious view as a whole.
Whether you choose to have round wedding cards or heart shaped wedding invitations, there are four fundamental factors you have to consider when looking for Shaadi cards.
When deciding on your personal wedding cards design and royal wedding card designs, make sure you remember the following pointers:
The wedding theme is among the foremost things you have to keep in mind when selecting your Muslim wedding card. As much as possible, you have to try to choose a style and design for your card that blends with the theme of your wedding. Your invitation must also reflect the venue’s theme.
Designs of the wedding card are also among the very essential aspects of Muslim wedding cards. The most in-demand designs are leaves, peacock, domes, feather, and hearts. The Muslim invitation cards act as a representation of the harmony between cultural and aesthetic aspects of a Muslim family. There are also designs which depict Afghan and Mughal art. The designs of Taj Mahal as well as the writing of 786, Allah and image of makka and madina makes the guests experience a traditional Muslim feel. Stone and gem decors also exude a more eye-catching appeal.
It is imperative to be careful in selection of color for your wedding invitation card. For the Muslim invitations, it is a must that the color is a reflection of the religious feel to your guests. In the Muslim tradition, they primarily use red, white, gold, green as well as golden or silver text, which are also in trend. Indigo and dark blue also give off a trendy look. The card’s color will also depend on the season. It is best to use cool and bright color for winter weddings and for those held during summer, dark and warm colors are more preferable.

The style of the Muslim wedding card does matter. There are now a plethora of styles of cards you can choose from, which include personal wedding cards design and royal wedding card designs. Scroll cards are among the best and most commonly used today as it has a royal and traditional feel to it. Remember these factors when choosing your Muslim wedding card.

What to Look for While Selecting a Sikh Wedding Card?

Sikh weddings are the perfect epitome of the lavish, beautiful and traditional culture of North India. This is the reason why it is only fitting to find the best Indian wedding invitations that will complement such a special occasion. Before you send out your marriage invitation card to your guests, you have to make sure that it exudes the same level of fervor you feel for your upcoming wedding. While it is easy to fall back into the use of traditional wedding cards, it has now become a norm for modern couples to choose contemporary wedding invitations that are in harmony with their wedding.
Whether you opt for a modern invitation or you still prefer a traditional one, there are several important things you have to look into before you finalize the printing of your Sikh wedding card.
Consider Designs, Motifs, and Logos
The traditional Sikh symbols are believed to bring a fortune to every wedding. Aside from that, these symbols further enhance the card’s beauty and appeal. You can select from the typical Sikh motifs like the Khalsa, Waheguru and Ik Onkar motifs which are surely going to lend an exclusive unique Sikh feel for your Anand Karaj.
If you prefer motifs that are more mutual which still exude a traditional essence, you can go for folk symbols such as images of Dulhan, Varghodas and the more modern images like flowers and hearts.
Pick the Right Color
Just like the rest of the best Indian wedding invitations, the Sikh cards boast of a vibrant display of colors like red and yellow, together with embellishments and contour lines in gold. In case you like subtle colors and you wish for a card that looks elegant and regal, you can choose designs in gold and off white with natural Sikh motifs.
Be Careful with the Words
It doesn’t matter if you opt for laser cut invitation cards or something traditional because among the most essential aspects of your card is how you word them. You would want to express how special this event is for you and at the same time, you want every guest to feel how much you welcome and appreciate the fact that they will be a part of your big day to shower their blessings on you.
The wordings can start on top with a couplet or phrase from Guru Granth Sahib. You can follow this up with lines or quotes from poems you like or those you feel best represent your emotions. It can be followed by the introduction of the groom and bride and their parents. The rest of the wordings can then include details of the wedding ceremony, venue, date address and RSVP section which all need to be written as clear as possible.
Check and Proofread
Finally, before you place a bulk order for the stationery and design you chose, see to it that you request for a sample to have an idea on how the final product will look and make the necessary corrections or last minute changes, if any.
Just like that, you are now ready to distribute your marriage invitation cards!

Your Wedding Card – Your Best Man In Your Wedding


Many soon to be married couples love to spend most of their time choosing the best wedding card to complement their special day. They spend hours after hours in browsing personal wedding cards which will best suit their preferences, character and personality.

The wedding card is very important as it contains all the important message and details of your big day. Wedding cards, whether you choose designer wedding cards or online Indian wedding cards, are always meant to be very elegant and special. You wouldn’t want your wedding card to be flimsy, terrible and cheap looking.

Your family members, relatives and guests should feel the excitement to attend your big event once they read the important letters contained in the card which share the sincerest messages you have. Choosing your wedding card is as equally important as choosing your wedding gown and shoes. Your guests will surely feel excited and delighted to be a part of the big day the moment they receive an awesome wedding card.oie_W2dqexujdsKs

There are plenty of ways to choose the best card for your wedding. But with all the available choices, you might feel excited and overwhelmed at the same time when looking for the most ideal card for you and your partner.

Since your wedding card is like your best man for your wedding, it is important to make sure that the design and style you choose will best describe who you really are. Your wedding card must serve as the mirror of your personality and character. It must share how you feel for this special occasion of your life to let your guests know and get an insight of your feelings and emotions.

Classic wedding card designs are made from quality and high grade paper. Bells, doves and flowers are the classic designs you can see in traditional wedding invites. If you prefer to stick to the classic designs, there are plenty of options for you to choose from both online and offline. You can discuss with your wedding planner about these details as they are the ones who know the best people you can contact to assist you with your wedding card selection.

There are plenty of wedding card providers that offer great deals and savings for bulk orders. If you feel like you will order a bulk of orders for your big day, you can try to negotiate for some discounts. When you have less than 100 wedding guests, you might also want to save money and time and for this, you can choose to make your own wedding card.

You will not only save more money when you create your own card for this will also make everything more heartfelt. However, if you like to spend more time on the rest of the more important aspects of your wedding preparation, your best bet is to find the best wedding cards provider as they will be more than happy to assist you with your needs.