Wedding Gift – The Real Mood Lifter


If you have started planning your wedding day, there are many things which needs to be taken care of. Though there will be many things which needs your attention on the final D-day, making your guests happy is always up on your priority list. You always want to create an impression which is long lasting and stays with them for years to come. Your wedding day will have its impact but you should try to bowl them over with your first move itself.


Talking about your first move, it has to be the wedding invitation that they come across. The impression of the wedding invitation should last longer and so should be planned and executed perfectly. You should understand that your wedding invitation is as important as any other thing for the sheer reason for the excitement it creates in the guests. As now you are aware about the importance of your wedding invitation, why not to give it an edge from the start itself. Give your guest a personal touch of invitation by providing them with some gifts. Gifts should be such that they double the excitement and happiness of your guests to visit you on the wedding since gifts forms such an important part of your invitation, proper planning is needed in order to select them. Here are some of the gifts which can add colour and joy to your wedding invitation.

An Idol of God: Nothing can be more auspicious than gifting an idol of God to your guests. Make them feel blessed and special by picking a gorgeous idol of God. You can choose from the various options available and select the one that best suits you.

Personalized Gifts: Your guests feel special and privileged when they are provided with special gifts,specially chosen for them. Through your gifts you have to make your guests understand that they are special to you. Since you your guests better, you can choose the gifts according to their personality, taste and preference. When you give your guests a customized gift, they feel important. You need to let your guests know that their presence meant something and what could be better than giving them a customized gift?

Gift Cards: If you are still not convinced with gift selection, cards can always come to your rescue. The kind of variety they provide is matchless with anything else. There is always a card for every mood and personality, choose them, making your guests more excited for your wedding. Card is always a safe choice when it comes to gifting, especially for your wedding.

Everyone likes to get something more than expected, so make this occasion count for you. Just select the right service provider which can give you ocean of varieties while selecting gifts. is the one which can make you really happy with it’s collection of gifts. Right from traditional gifts to marble gifts and from an adorable kankavati to the auspicious pooja thali, you will get everything you needed. It it a one stop solution for your all your wedding needs be it wedding invitation designing, delivering or picking up various wedding gifts and accessories. Come, let your imagination find true colours of reality here.

7 Types Of Wedding Invitation Cards Available In Market



Your wedding should be perfect.

And hence you should know every available option before you select a beautiful wedding invitation card for your wedding. To help you out with that, we have listed here all 7 types of wedding invitation cards that are currently available in market that will make a perfect invitation call for your wedding. So here they are:


Off-set Printed Wedding Invitations:

Offset Printed Wedding Invitation Card

Off-set printing refers to printing on flat paper material. Due to non-complex printing procedure and non-costly material, off-set printed wedding invitations come at lowest price of all printed wedding cards. If you are considering the production cost and graciousness of wedding invitation is secondary to you, offset printed invitation cards are suitable for your wedding.

However, up to some extent, the looks of your wedding invitations depend upon the printers you have selected, so if you choose a well-known wedding card vendor for that, your invitations will still look good.

Engraved Wedding Invitations:

Engraved Indian Wedding Invitation card

With engraved printing, you get wedding cards with embossed letters and images that are slightly raised while indented on backside of the paper. Engraved wedding invitation cards are ideal for their appearance as they provide a rich look to your invitation cards.

However, in terms of price, engraved wedding invitations cost you bit more, so consider getting engraved wedding invitations if looks of your wedding card is your primary concern over the expenditure.


Letterpress wedding invitations:

Letterpress Indian Wedding Invitation Card

Letterpress printing is latest trend in printing industry. In letterpress wedding invitations, the letters and flat images are stamped onto a thick paper, creating precise characters those are rich in look & feel both. While engraved wedding invitations have letters embossed on one side of paper & indented on back side, letterpress wedding invitation cards have carved letters & figures on one side and flat surface on other side of paper.

Letterpress wedding invitations give your wedding card a catchy, modern look but costs you more than engraved invitation cards. So consider buying letterpress invitations only if you have very liberal restrictions to your budget.


Thermographic Wedding Invitations:

Thermographic Wedding Invitation card

Quite similar to engraved printing, thermographic wedding invitations produces embossed letter effects by mixing printing-ink with minute dry particles of plastic-like material that combines finely with ink & produces fine extrusions over printed surface.

However it produces fine appearance & no indents on backside of paper, it costs quite similar to engraved wedding invitations.


Scroll Wedding Invitations:

Scroll wedding invitation card

If you want a real rich look & royal feel to your wedding invitation, we recommend you opt for scroll wedding invitation cards. Scroll invitations have been used since hundreds of years in royal families for correspondence & are still attractive trend for wedding invitations.

Make sure you have no budget restrictions if you are planning for scroll invitations as scroll invitations cost you much more than any other type of wedding cards. Scroll invitations come usually with printed fabric material enclosed in a box.


Contemporary Wedding Invitations:

Contemporary Wedding Invitation card India

For a non-traditional wedding appeal, you can opt for contemporary wedding invitations. Many wedding card suppliers including MyShadiCards supply beautiful contemporary wedding invitations that look rich & unusual as they have unusual shapes like hexagon, triangle or any die-cut shape. They may come with variety of material like diamonds, metal, fabric, thick paper etc.


Hand-written Wedding Invitations:

Handwritten wedding invitation card

To smaller wedding functions where only limited number of people are to be invited and roughly no more than 2-3 hundred wedding cards are to be distributed, hand-written wedding invitations are great choice.

Many wedding card suppliers including MyShadiCards supply non-printed plain wedding invitations you can write yourself for each of your guest. It will make your guest feel more exclusive & hence are perfect way to invite them at your wedding. Also cost of hand written wedding cards can be much more budget friendly depending upon your choice of printing material.

Thus, number of choices are available for your wedding invitation cards & even more suppliers out there in market. However, before you buy a wedding invitation card for your wedding, better to choose the supplier who is already well-known for quality & customer satisfaction. After all, wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

If you want to purchase high-quality wedding invitations at reasonable rates, MyShadicards can be your best deal. We have been supplying high-quality wedding cards since 1983 & we assure you the best quality material & printing for your wedding cards. Visit MyShadiCard Online if you want to learn more about our services.


Top 10 Interesting & Strange Facts Related To Wedding


Blog post by : MyShadiCards

It is said that wedding is quite serious and important event of life, but what happens when people connect it with their strange beliefs and ridiculous rituals? In many parts of world still people celebrate this auspicious occasion of life by embracing pain and taboos. Sometimes it is too surprising that such things really happen. Here are few amazing facts related to wedding that will blow out your brain! seriously.

Wedding Fact #1- At Massai weddings in Kenya, there is a strange wedding ritual in which bride’s father bless her by spitting on her head and breasts before she leaves the village with her new husband!

Wedding Fact #2- In Sweden, when bride or groom leaves the table to use the bathroom, the other gets kissed! Whenever a groom leaves the table, all other people sitting around that place get chance to kiss the bride & vice versa!

Wedding Fact #3– In a Chinese community called Yugurs, groom has to shoot the bride before wedding with a bow and arrow thrice. Once the ritual is complete, groom collects the arrows and break them down to ensure that their love will stay intact for each other! (Of course arrows don’t have an arrow head, but it’s still as painful as getting hit with rubber bullets.)

Wedding Fact #4– In Congo, bride and groom are not allowed to smile during and till the end of their marriage. It is a sign that you are serious about marriage. And if they smile, the marriage is ruined!

Wedding Fact #5– World’s deepest marriage was happened 130 meters below the sea! Hiroyuki Yoshida from Japan and his wife Sandra Smith from US set a Guinness world record for deepest underwater wedding, tying the knot at 130 meters below the surface in a cave at Song Hong Lake, Trang, Thailand!

Wedding Fact #6– Delicious Cakes , Dallas Gold and Silver Exchange and Quest Drape collaborated to make a 9-tier wedding cake, embroidered with silver dust icings and 1,200 carats worth of diamonds, that costs $1.3 million , setting the world record for the Most expensive display wedding cake!

Wedding Fact #7– While world’s deepest marriage was so deep, world’s highest marriage was performed at 41,000 feet high in Fiji airlines making a new world record!

Wedding Fact #8– While some people take marriage so seriously, some take it extremely seriously! Linda Wolfe of Indiana, USA, who first wed at 16, is now a grandmother with 23 ex-husbands, which sets the world record for the Most married woman.

Wedding Fact #9– In Egyptian times, a gold ring was thought to hold mystical powers. And a diamond, the hardest substance on earth, symbolized a love that would last forever. Wedding rings are made perfect circle to show that love has no beginning and no ends!

Wedding Fact #10– In Istanbul, Turkey, approximately 166,000 weddings happen every year, which makes it the city with highest number of marriages in world. The second last is Las Vegas where almost 1,44,000 people from around the world come for their marriage every year!

Blog post by : MyShadiCards

A Perfect Plan To Make Your Wedding Most Memorable


Wedding is probably the biggest event of ones’ life and it happens only once in a lifetime in most of cases. It’s not merely a collaboration of two families but it is also a celebration of two souls committing each other for a journey of lifetime. No matter which corner of world they reside in, everyone will love to make it memorable somehow.

So, have you planned to make it memorable event of your life? Well, if not but would like to, this article is for you. If you are ready to spend some extra money and give few hours of your time, here are few brilliant ideas that will illuminate your marriage like another sun!

1. Set a wedding theme.
Setting a wedding theme is a great idea. If you have a clear idea of your choices and want to make your weddings look creatively unique, you can set a particular wedding theme. This theme may be combination of color scheme, visual elements or other intangible elements. For example, a wedding with “Indian traditional theme” would have all hosts dressed in “paghdi” and “kurtas”, Various Indian dishes as food and traditional decoration. If you prefer contemporary ideas, you could go for “water theme” in which location could be in center of waters, sea food would be served and bride would wear a Mermaid kind of dress. Possibilities are unlimited, just have an idea or get idea.

2.A beautiful wedding card.
Having a beautiful wedding card to invite your guests is just inevitable for a great marriage. If you have enough pounds to spend, invite your guests with beautiful wedding cards along with surprise gifts. It will please them and set a great pre-wedding excitement into their mind.

3.Add some music.
Music is generally a pleasurable thing for people. You can play romantic and smooth music during food and dance. And even better idea is to call a band or orchestra to play exotic wedding music. Let people feel the occasion, let them rejoice with beautiful tunes.

4.Set a surprise game.
You can arrange a surprise game event during your wedding. For example, you can arrange a game in which guests will be chosen randomly to perform a couple dance or sing a Linkin park song in front of other guests and Those who perform it successfully would get attractive prizes.

5.Have picnic style seating instead of tables and chairs.
If your wedding is to take place outdoor and there is enough space, you can arrange seating onto sheets spread over ground. It will give them a picnic kind of feeling and make it more enjoyable.

6.Lots of flowers.
Flowers look beautiful and make you feel fresh and cool. You can have flowers placed wherever it looks and feels good. It will smell pleasurable and also add to beauty of wedding sets. Perfumes and scents are also good alternative to flowers but flowers are the best if you prefer natural one. Another benefit of flowers is that it will help making photos and videos even more beautiful.

7.Photo/video booths.
You can set photo or video capturing booths where your guests will leave their photos or videos with messages for you that will reside there in your memory chests forever.

8.Sparkling arrows to direct guests.
You can place sparkling arrow signs on way to exact location of wedding which will be directing your guests from here to there and find their places.

9.Fun park for children.
The word “guests” doesn’t mean adults only. Children are also your cute, lovable guests. Why not arrange something great for them? You can arrange a fun park for children in which children special food like pop-corn and candy floss will be there along with games like jumping sponge, river of balls and children bungee.

10.Food and drinks.
Food is the most important part of wedding hospitality. Have separate counters to serve different dishes. And also have some dishes of general interest for example in India, it would be decent if you set different counters for veg and non-veg and there should be few sweets and chutneys in eatery. If its allowed and your guests consume it, you can also serve drinks like rum, bear, vine, juice, cocktail or some unconventional drink.

11.Return gifts
At the end of ceremony, you can gift a memento or a surprise to all of your guests saying thanks for being a part of your wedding. It is the nicest way to say them bye.

Something About Indian Wedding Cards


Wedding is one of the most important event of life. Before the exact date of marriage, marital preparation starts well-in-advance to ensure proper execution the marriage ceremony. In India, It all starts with family get-together, selection of marriage dates and then it comes to shopping. Marital shopping starts few months before the marriage. The shopping list on both side basically includes home-needs including home interior stuff, decorative vases, perfumes, dresses etc. But for both parties, be it bride or groom, the most important thing in the shopping list is wedding card.

Often in Indian middle-class families the main concern in shopping of wedding cards is to get proper design of invitation card at pocket-friendly cost. Wedding card is the first hint your guests get for your marriage event. It gives a glance into how much enjoyable the ceremony is going to be. Ideally a wedding card should look richer, cleaner, bright and gorgeous. Shining patterns on the cover of wedding cards along with relevant religious wedding symbols is probably the most suitable one.

Due to vast variety of religions in India, it is very obvious that people with different religion prefer their different style of wedding cards. Muslims prefer wedding cards with green color having some urdu religious writings on the cover and symbol of star enclosed by moon shape in accordance with their religion, as green is the color of Islam. Hindu wedding cards are usually Maroon, Red, Silver, Golden, orange or violet colors which are luminous colors adorned with symbols of Lord Ganesha, swastik, marriage horses, shehnai( mangal vadya) etc. In Hinduism the colors with luminous shades are believed to be symbol of celebration. In Christians, Wedding cards with plain rich designs and minimal symbols are preferred by people. In Sikhs, celebrative luminous colors are chosen along with symbols like Ek Omkar (Sikh religious symbol similar to ‘om’ in Hinduism), Kirpan (ceremonial sword or dagger), and Guru Nanak(religious Guru of Sikhs).

In the age of kings and queens “ Shahi Farmans“ were used to convey royal messages and give invitations. Following to those Shahi Farmans the latest trend spread in Indian wedding card markets is Scroll invitations which are quite similar to Shahi Farmans. Adding a twist to the trend, some unconventional people also choose trendy non-traditional and luxury wedding cards which are quite different than conventional ones. Wedding cards come in variety of forms designer wedding cards, traditional wedding cards, unconventional wedding cards or scroll invitations.

Type of invitation card which is going to be sent to the guests is choice of the host. But few things are critical for choosing invitation card for any level of marriage or celebration. Here are those critical points anyone should consider before purchasing wedding cards.

Before choosing your wedding card supplier-

– Start preparing the purchase atleast 3-4 months in advance before the marriage.
-If you believe in tradionalism, do some search on tradional wedding cards and details it should include.
– If you prefer unconventional wedding cards, have some creative ideas in advance and ask to people for innovative advices for invitation cards.
-Plan the content details to be printed inside the card. Preferably you should have a look at wedding invitations you already have at your home.
-Decide the colors and styles of paper, fabric or any material that is going to be used in wedding invitations.
-Decide the budget expenses you can afford for wedding cards.

Choosing the wedding card supplier

-Search on internet, checkout in your localities, have a glance at matrimonial classifieds or call local search provider companies. These are the places where you could probably find good vendors for invitation cards.
– Go through the price ranges and design galleries they provide to choose your wedding card design. The one with affordable(this doesn’t mean lower) prices, higher qualities and higher varieties are preferable.
– Narrow down your choices and select one of them for your final purchase.

Questions to ask the wedding card suppliers

– Ask them whether they ask for additional shipping charges or provide free shipping.
– Ask vendors if additional taxes apply on purchase
– Ask the selected vendors if they provide additional customization and help in creating wedding wordings. Because professional expertise is always more preferable.
– It is wise idea to have suggestions from the previous customers of that vendor. So ask the vendors if they can provide contact numbers of their previous customers.
– Ask if the printers provide add-on cards if needed.
– Ask the time when you would have your first proof-copy of wedding invitation. And the time they would take to re-correct it and print the final bunch of wedding invitations if it happens so.
– And finally confirm the shipping time and delivery date when the cards will reach you. Ideally the wedding cards should be there at your doorstep before 4-5 weeks of marriage.